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SOL Ep 032 Manpreet Komal

SOL Ep 032 Manpreet Komal

October 17, 2018

Manpreet Komal is a Top Sales producer converted to International Best Selling author of 3 books, Self Love Columnist for South Asian Woman Magazine, Writer for Thrive Global, Certified by the Ford Institute as a Breakthrough Shadow Coach, and founder of Bollywood Dance Company called Rang De Bollywood. In her work, she helps people go from shame, self abandonment to self love and wholeness so that they can live their truest life for themselves vs. the outside world.

She has a following of 130,000 folks on Social Media where she gives back on a daily basis through posts, videos, and her own creative ways. She has a passion for traveling, dancing, and connecting with amazing people through heart to heart conversations.

SOL EP 031 Don Ollsin

SOL EP 031 Don Ollsin

September 26, 2018

As a professional herbalist with a practical orientation, Don believes in seeing results. His knowledge of what works comes from his years of experience in treating the widest range of conditions amongst thousands of clients. In 1987, Don along with his partner Sandy began to offer an intensive herbal training program called the Herbal Healing Journey, and they also developed a home study program. Over the years they have created many herbal programs and Don has taught at many colleges and universities including: The University of British Columbia, The University of Victoria, Bastyr University, Langara College and Royal Roads University.

Don is the author (Sandy Ollsin - editor) of Pathways To Healing: A Guide to Ayurveda, Herbs, Dreambody and Shamanism. It is a Time/Life One Spirit Book Club selection that is used as the textbook for his Herbal Programs.

In 2013 Don completed his MA in Environmental Education and Communication at Royal Roads University. The focus of his thesis was online learning, and transitioning his classes into an online format. Don's teachings are about healing the environment and communities with sustainable medicine. He is and always will be a Grassroots Herbalist. He wishes to empower people with the knowledge to heal themselves and others, using herbs and holistic healing systems. He now offers online herbal education and mentorship through his two programs: the Online Herbal Course and the Herbal Mentorship Collective.

SOL Ep 030 Jayne Warrilow

SOL Ep 030 Jayne Warrilow

September 19, 2018

Jayne Warrilow is founder of Coaches Business School, a global coaching and development company with a focus on resonance as the key driver of individual and organizational success. She is one of the world’s most exclusive business coaches and her clients are by invitation and referral only. Jayne has worked with CEOs and Senior executive teams around the world, best-selling authors, trailblazing coaches, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, millionaires, celebrities and people who simply want to make a difference.

An expert on business and leadership, Jayne specializes in helping coaches build conscious, seven figure businesses, to go beyond coaching and build a body of work that positions the coach as a trusted authority in their field. Her clients are passionate, powerful and prosperous with a track record of success, individuals looking to play even bigger. A natural edge-walker, she has enabled leaders worldwide to take a stand, create radical new rules of business, generate systemic change and transform their leadership for game changing results. Her unique methods have brought the flow of innovation from the C-Suites of global corporations to the home offices of business owners igniting the charge that leads to high octane business growth.

Born and raised in England, she has worked with leading organizations and individuals in the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. Jayne now lives and works out of the Greater Los Angeles Area, California.

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SOL Ep 029 Gary O’Brian an energy intuitive, channel and author

SOL Ep 029 Gary O’Brian an energy intuitive, channel and author

September 12, 2018

I have always felt different from most people and yet had no problem fitting into any group I decided to be apart off. I had a very challenging family environment and I think that made me look even harder for my truth. I was never really connected to my family or their beliefs about life.

I had a big block to spirituality, in fact, it did not even come into my vocabulary. I became very left brain after school, but first I was here for a good time not a long time, that was until the birth of my daughter, which changed everything for me. I began to explore the brain and to look for a much deeper meaning in life. But my hearts searching opened up for me a larger spiritual understanding of Being and in 2008 something quite unexpected happened, I began channeling and speaking with the Energies of DZAR. They have completely changed my life and the life of many many people from around the world. I still have lots of questions and I hope they last forever.

SOL Ep 028 Mary O’Brian an energy intuitive, channel and author

SOL Ep 028 Mary O’Brian an energy intuitive, channel and author

September 5, 2018

Mary is an energy intuitive, channel and author who bridges the seen and the unseen. She connects deeply with people to help them move beyond old stories of past pain and restriction into a life of love and connection. Her own journey has been one of coming home to accept the guidance of her energetic knowing even at times when she hasn’t been able to rationally understand it. She now creates her life in joyful collaboration between her own wisdom and energy, guidance from spirit and a grounded connection to nature living on a sub-tropical farm with her husband, chickens and an assortment of Australian wildlife.

She travels the world with her husband Gary (who is on the next episode) sharing the channeled teachings from an energy of Compassion called DZAR offering workshops and individual sessions in person and online.

SOL Ep 27 Molly Gordon

SOL Ep 27 Molly Gordon

August 29, 2018

Molly Gordon has been searching for the meaning of life for as long as she can remember. A coach, mentor coach, and coach trainer, she sees coaching as an expression of individual and collective evolution. She is a champion for dogma-free spiritual principles that underpin coaching, what she calls the source code for human effectiveness.

Molly was a cradle Catholic and from about age 7 to 14 wanted to be a cloistered nun. Then, hormones! Her spiritual path has been both crooked and profoundly reliable. That is, even when the path appeared invisible, hindsight reveals it to have been perfectly drawn.


Molly’s influences include Improv, Jungian psychology, Process Work, Spiral Dynamics Integral, The Work of Byron Katie, and the teachings of Sydney Banks, commonly known as The Three Principles. Her unfolding spiritual understanding enabled her to meet a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015 and subsequent bilateral mastectomy, radiation therapy, and reconstruction surgery with grace and freedom. 

SOL Ep 26 Alexis P. Morgan Black AF sorceress

SOL Ep 26 Alexis P. Morgan Black AF sorceress

July 18, 2018

Alexis P. Morgan is the pole-dancing, troublemaking, pro-heaux, Black AF sorceress you've been warned about. As an anticapitalist commerce babe, she occupies her time and make my cheddar as a writer, artist, consultant, and professional opinion-giver. Devoted to Truth, Justice, and Liberation, she lives in the spirit of her foremothers:  Unbossed. Unbought. Unbothered.

SOL Ep 25 James-Olivia Hillman -Interrogator of reality

SOL Ep 25 James-Olivia Hillman -Interrogator of reality

July 11, 2018

James-Olivia is a coach, interrogator of reality, and fellow work-in-progress (i.e. avid maker of mistakes). She asks far too many uncomfortable questions. She believes that neither freedom nor joy can be had without combining the disobedience of inquiry with love and that a single conversation can be life-changing. She actively seeks out those life-changing conversations and uncomfortable questions.

She is feral, curious, and largely exists to root around in the neglected corners of our souls and unfuck our logic when we're suffering. That's the conversation she's here for right now.

James's wish for the world is more joy, more connection, and less suffering.

SOL Ep 024 Tonya González -Tarot Life Coach and Psychic Medium

SOL Ep 024 Tonya González -Tarot Life Coach and Psychic Medium

March 21, 2018

Tonya González (nee Melendez) aka Tarot Life Coach is a born Psychic Medium. From her humble beginnings, reading Tarot cards in a suburban Chicago coffee shop to international fame, as a recognized Spiritual Entrepreneur, Mentor, Teacher and Healer, Tonya continues to evolve.

After being voted #3 Psychic in the world, Tonya traveled extensively throughout the US, Europe, Morocco, Costa Rica and Mexico, studying and sharing her gifts.

Following a decade of Tarot Readings, Psychic Healing and Spiritual Coaching, Tonya now teaches others to empower themselves by learning to “Use Your Magic”. Her exclusive course “Be Your Own Oracle” empowers and instructs using practical, purposeful ways to “Read” for yourself. Tonya believes “by allowing natural gifts and talents to emerge, we allow ourselves to truly shine.”

Currently residing off the coasts of central Mexico, her current projects include creating a multicultural Tarot Deck with her husband, as well as, an Empowerment Oracle Deck for women 12 +up and Writing.

She is also the co - founder of “S.H.E. School” with her adult daughter, a rising Spiritual Branding Coach.

Media & Publicity
- Amazon International Bestselling Author
- #1 in both New Spiritual & Movers & Shakers Lists
- Voted #3 Psychic in the World - International Psychic Battle -

Products "Psychic Scents Chakra Healing Oil Blends"
Tarot Divining Oil Blend for Healing & Divination

"Opening with Grace & Gratitude" Anthology (available for purchase on
“Ángel Blessings” Anthology
“The Little Book of Woo Woo”

SOL Ep 023 Jason Stein

SOL Ep 023 Jason Stein

March 14, 2018

Jason Stein, LAc has combined over 20 years of experience in the fields of Medicine, Coaching, and Training. Some of his favorite projects have included building an integrative medicine model in a western hospital, teaching Meditation in the Workplace to corporations, and becoming the Chair of Professional Development at the top Acupuncture school in the nation.

Jason loves helping wellness people in his private coaching practice where he has helped hundreds of small business owners around the world mindfully create healthier businesses while enhancing their PRI (Profits, Relationships, and Impact.) He currently resides in Portland Oregon with his wife, 3 children, and pitbull Jane Dog.

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