The Spirituality Out Loud Podcast

SOL Ep 028 Mary O’Brian an energy intuitive, channel and author

September 5, 2018

Mary is an energy intuitive, channel and author who bridges the seen and the unseen. She connects deeply with people to help them move beyond old stories of past pain and restriction into a life of love and connection. Her own journey has been one of coming home to accept the guidance of her energetic knowing even at times when she hasn’t been able to rationally understand it. She now creates her life in joyful collaboration between her own wisdom and energy, guidance from spirit and a grounded connection to nature living on a sub-tropical farm with her husband, chickens and an assortment of Australian wildlife.

She travels the world with her husband Gary (who is on the next episode) sharing the channeled teachings from an energy of Compassion called DZAR offering workshops and individual sessions in person and online.

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