The Spirituality Out Loud Podcast

SOL Ep 27 Molly Gordon

August 29, 2018

Molly Gordon has been searching for the meaning of life for as long as she can remember. A coach, mentor coach, and coach trainer, she sees coaching as an expression of individual and collective evolution. She is a champion for dogma-free spiritual principles that underpin coaching, what she calls the source code for human effectiveness.

Molly was a cradle Catholic and from about age 7 to 14 wanted to be a cloistered nun. Then, hormones! Her spiritual path has been both crooked and profoundly reliable. That is, even when the path appeared invisible, hindsight reveals it to have been perfectly drawn.


Molly’s influences include Improv, Jungian psychology, Process Work, Spiral Dynamics Integral, The Work of Byron Katie, and the teachings of Sydney Banks, commonly known as The Three Principles. Her unfolding spiritual understanding enabled her to meet a diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015 and subsequent bilateral mastectomy, radiation therapy, and reconstruction surgery with grace and freedom. 

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