The Spirituality Out Loud Podcast

SOL Ep 029 Gary O’Brian an energy intuitive, channel and author

September 12, 2018

I have always felt different from most people and yet had no problem fitting into any group I decided to be apart off. I had a very challenging family environment and I think that made me look even harder for my truth. I was never really connected to my family or their beliefs about life.

I had a big block to spirituality, in fact, it did not even come into my vocabulary. I became very left brain after school, but first I was here for a good time not a long time, that was until the birth of my daughter, which changed everything for me. I began to explore the brain and to look for a much deeper meaning in life. But my hearts searching opened up for me a larger spiritual understanding of Being and in 2008 something quite unexpected happened, I began channeling and speaking with the Energies of DZAR. They have completely changed my life and the life of many many people from around the world. I still have lots of questions and I hope they last forever.

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