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SOL Ep 022 Layla Saad Writer, speaker and founder of Wild Mystic Woman

March 7, 2018

Layla Saad is a writer and speaker, whose work focuses on centering the stories, art and magic of people of colour. As the founder of Wild Mystic Woman, Layla's work explores the intersecting themes of spirituality, creativity, feminism, business, leadership, and sacred activism.

As an East African, Arab, British, Muslim, feminist, soul seeker, living in the Middle East (Qatar), and sharing her work with the global community, Layla stands at a diverse intersection of identities, from which she is able to draw rich and intriguing perspectives. Layla’s own personal journey as a black Muslim woman, her work with her clients and her writings often confront the oppressive cultures of patriarchy and white supremacy.

In addition to her popular work as writer, Layla is also a spiritual and business mentor, a certified Reiki II energy practitioner, an award-winning speaker, an Advisory Board Member for the Awarepreneurs Community, and the host of the Wild Mystic Woman Podcast.




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