The Spirituality Out Loud Podcast

George Kao Business Coach

September 26, 2017

Hear George’s journey of being born in Taiwan, where he was raised with Buddhism and Taoism, immigrating to the United States at the age of 7 to conservative Orange County, California and converting to Evangelical Christianity to where he is today.  George shares his fascinating story as he finds his own personal understanding of what he finds Holy.

George Kao is a business coach who is a champion for generosity in business and honesty in marketing, instead of the salesy and predatory tactics that we've probably all experienced as consumers. He has coached many clients since 2009, and is offers his comprehensive content for free through his website, He's the author of the book Authentic Content Marketing: Build an Engaged Audience for Your Personal Brand through Integrity & Generosity.

George's book


Evangelical Christian


"Road Less Traveled" by M. Scott Peck, MD
"Embraced by the light" by Betty J. Eadie 


“How we're raised in terms of our religion or spirituality has a lifelong impact on how we see things.”  ~George Kao

“the Buddhism I was raised was raised with was very different (from the western idea of Buddhism) it was more like ancestral worship"      ~George Kao

“right humility meant that I had to listen…to truly listen to somebody's spiritual journey”

  ~George Kao

“your earnest search for the truth is a wonderful thing but in the search for truth, you have got to be willing sometimes to be uncertain”  ~George Kao

“I became convinced and, again this is probably thanks to Christianity, that the question of what happens after we die is maybe the most important question a human being can grapple with” ~George Kao