The Spirituality Out Loud Podcast

Indigo Ocean Dutton Author and Principal Consultant at Awaken Business Consulting

January 17, 2018

Today’s podcast is with Indigo Ocean Dutton. It is filled with laughter and spirituality and a deep knowing. I could have talked to her for hours!  Her way of telling stories and explaining her experience filled me up.

Indigo Ocean Dutton is the author of Being Bliss and Micro Habits for Major Happiness. She is also the principal consultant at Awaken Business Consulting, where she helps clients tap into their intuitive guidance system and combine that clarity with practical business methodology to develop profitable businesses that fulfill both personal and financial aims.

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I was taught from a very young age that I got to choose my religion and I started actively working on that something around 12. I was at the town library reading books to help me decide my own religion. ~ Indigo Ocean Dutton

I had a really close personal relationship with Jesus Christ as a child. Long before I was thinking about any of these thoughts, when I was 8 I remember sitting in my room, while everyone else was outside playing or studying and I was just sit there by myself having conversations with Jesus Christ for hours at a time. ~ Indigo Ocean Dutton

I am pretty sure I knew my astrological sun sign before I knew my address. ~ Indigo Ocean Dutton

There was always a Mystical openness and Mystical curiosity  that was indulged throughout my family. ~ Indigo Ocean Dutton

I was deeply deeply deeply spiritual my entire life. I don’t have any memories that weren’t very spiritually aware. It was normal to me that you would have a relationship with someone like Jesus Christ. ~ Indigo Ocean Dutton

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